Chris Brown ART

Chris Brown, born on the east coast, raised in New England, has always had an affinity for nature and all it’s wonderful inhabitants. After moving to California for college, he discovered a love of the ocean and all it’s amazing creatures. As a boy, he could often be found combing the local streams and wooded areas, trying to catch any reptile or amphibian. This love of animals is clearly reflected in Chris’ art. His deep respect and sacred treatment of nature’s creatures reaches far beyond his skill for figures. Chris’ art and teaching focus on spirit, honoring the inner world, and connectedness with nature.

As Chris’s art transformed and matured, from sculpture, painting, ceramics, and mosaics, one theme remained throughout -- his love and joy of sculpting all nature’s creatures. Frogs, turtles, lizards, and any other animals that catch Chris’s attention are found in his work. Chris received a Bachelors of Art, focusing on sculpture, at
San Diego State University, during this time he spent a semester in London and and traveled throughout Europe, and India, exploring spiritual communities and practices, he then completed an MFA in ceramics at the University of Hawaii.